We are no exception! Even in the middle of winter, we can be seen flipping burgers in shorts and sandals while the rest of the country huddles around the heater. One day in 2010 we carried a beautifully seasoned 4 lb. tri-tip out to the BBQ. As we lifted the lid, a large rodent jumped out of the filthy grill and ran across the island into the bushes, frightening our wives and even our chocolate lab Koa! Feeling disgusted and determined, we ordered pizza then got to work disassembling our built-in gas grill to clean it. Two days later the grill was cleaner than it was, but not without some cuts, bruises, and a permanently stained paver. We thought we can’t be the only ones with this problem….

Nearly 8 years later San Diego BBQ has serviced over 15,000 grills all around San Diego County. We’ve honed our skills cleaning and repairing virtually every brand manufactured over the last three decades, taking great liberty to stay current on all the latest trends and products. We source replacement parts from more than 100 trusted sources to make sure you get the best products at the best prices. Our proprietary cleaning service combines eco-friendly & professional products with years of technique and elbow grease to achieve excellent results echoed by our customers on Yelp! and Angie’s List. Simply put, we get dirty so you don’t have to.

While we are incredibly proud of our Maintenance Services, we began to come across some grills that were just too far beyond repair, so we opened our store in 2015 and started selling the best brands we know and trust based on our own experiences for reliability, functionality, attractiveness and value. We didn’t want the grilling experience to end at the sale, however, so we decided to back up our sales with unparalleled maintenance services so our customers can continue enjoying their grill for years to come. Anybody who buys a grill from SDBBQ automatically gets 10% off all our services starting the date of purchase through the entire duration of ownership.

We also offer state of the art Retrofitting Services with a Team of highly skilled Licensed Vendors, as well as our Proprietary GrillFitter Trim Kit– a device we created that allows our customers to install their grills into most cutouts with very little modification. Whatever your situation, we have a solution.

At San Diego BBQ, We Know Grills.