your dream bbq island begins here


your dream bbq island begins here



  1. SUBMIT the questionnaire above.
  2. DESIGN: After the questionnaire, we will contact you to get a better understanding of your vision. This allows us to provide a no-obligation 3D rendering of your Outdoor Kitchen FREE of charge.
  3. PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE: After the FREE 3D Rendering, the next step is a hassle-free, honest preliminary estimate, sent over e-mail.
  4. MEETING ON-SITE: Next step is meeting with our design team at your location. This allows us to determine the optimal layout and check access for the build process. Many customers visit our Showroom in San Marcos to see our Grill Catalog!
  5. FINAL ESTIMATE: After we finalize the design, components and build-requirements of your job, we accept a deposit and begin the build.
  6. BUILD: After deposit, expect us to start the build within a week and usually finish within 2 weeks. Some jobs go longer and may require 2 to 4 return trips.
  7. TUTORIAL: Finally, you get to enjoy your new outdoor cooking experience! We take time to explain how to properly use and maintain your new BBQ Island.
  8. AFTER THE SALE: We are known for our service department! We provide ongoing maintenance services to make sure your excellent grilling experience continues for years to come.

We take your vision and help you make it a reality!

Since every BBQ Island we build is custom, we offer a lot of options to stay within your budget.

Building your custom BBQ Island requires experience and kNOWLEDGE!

Every family is different. Some people cook for 20-30 people, where a larger island and grill may be necessary. Others just want something small for their small patio. Consider your particular situation to find the right size.

Functionally, this is the most important part of your island, so choosing the right equipment requires understanding how and what you like to cook. Consider things like sear burners, side burners, evenness of heating and lighting when deciding what to buy.

You want it to be both functional and pleasing to the eye, so determine the best shape for your backyard, be it an L-shaped, U-shaped, J-shaped or rectangular BBQ Island.

Continuity with your yard and home are important. Smooth stucco with tile counter is the our most affordable option, but we also have upgrades like concrete, stainless steel and even reclaimed wood! We also offer many other finishing touches like brushed stainless outlets and Trex Deck.

Many people in San Diego are plumbed into natural gas, so hooking up the new island is easy. If you do not have natural gas available, we will dial your island in for Liquid Propane. In order for your new grill to have lights on the inside and LED panel lighting, it must be plugged into a standard 110V outlet, which is preferably added to the interior of the island so it is hidden and away from the hot grill.