When our customers speak, we listen…

When you remove your old built-in BBQ, you’re left with a hole in your island, which is often called a “cutout” or “footprint”. Each cutout is unique to the previous grill installed which leaves very few options. If your grill is over 5 years old, it’s likely that even the same brand won’t fit. Hiring a contractor to demolish your island can cost $10,000 or more, and often times replacing just the countertop will cost over $4,000. Don’t worry, when our customers speak, we listen…


FREE On-site Consultation: The first step to replacing your old BBQ is having us come out to measure and take pictures.

Brainstorming: We then compare your cutout to new grill options while taking your cooking needs and budget into consideration. Some grills can be replaced without any modification to the island.

Retrofitting: Some grills require more work to replace. If you want to go larger and more expensive, we reshape the cutout to a larger size. If you want to go with a smaller, more economical grill, we recommend our GrillFitter Trim Kit.

Estimate & Time Frame: All estimates are provided via email. Once you approve an estimate, it becomes a work order. We typically quote anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks for installation depending on the difficulty and the grill you choose. Some jobs require multiple visits.

Our GrillFitter Trim Kit saves people thousands!

Do you need to replace your $5,000 Viking or Lynx grill but don’t want to spend $5,000 on another “Premium” grill? Our Grillfitter Trim Kit is a great solution to the retrofit problem! Grillfitter allows us to install one of our more affordable grills and still achieve a sturdy hold and finished look all the way around, covering up unseemly gaps and cracks. Over Thousands of San Diegan’s have already thanked us for saving them thousands of dollars on their new grill!

Incredibly sturdy and ridiculously overbuilt, the GrillFitter Trim Kit can support the weight of even the largest BBQ grills on the market. Better yet, we make every Grillfitter right here in Southern California start to finish from 100% American 304-grade laser-cut stainless steel, the best material for outdoor cooking equipment bar none.


Every custom BBQ retrofit is just that, custom. So give us a call and we’ll provide a free estimate for your retrofit!

Take a look at our custom BBQ installations!

We can retrofit nearly any new BBQ with our one-of-a-kind GrillFitter Trim Kit.