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Deciding Between Repairing or Replacing Your BBQ Grill

Repair or Replace BBQ Grill Dilemma

Imagine the aroma of sizzling burgers filling the air. Your friends, family, and loved ones gather together, and the atmosphere is filled with laughter. Everything seems to be fine, but there is a moment you could not have predicted. You suddenly have a malfunctioning grill, and your wieners are cold. 

– “Honey, we have a broken barbecue grill! We’ll probably have to buy a new one.”
– “Why would we buy a new one when we can repair it?

But do you really need to buy a new grill, or can you just replace the parts?

After all, buying a new grill is costly when a repair can be much cheaper. But how do you find the right solution? What should you do when some people say to buy a new grill while others recommend trying to repair it? It’s straightforward! Read our guide, and you’ll understand what’s best for you. 

Lifespan and Maintenance: Key to Grill Longevity

You probably wondered how long it would last even when you bought a new grill. What if it’s only good for one season? The life of your grill depends on different factors. For example, some grills will last only one season, while others will enjoy them for years. But why is there such a big difference?

No one can confidently answer, “How long do grills last?”. That’s because no one knows how often you’ll use it, how you’ll maintain it, or even what weather conditions will affect it. For your grill to serve you as long as possible, it’s worth considering the factors that will affect it: 

  • Quality of Materials. First, it’s naturally worth talking about the grill’s quality. Not all grills are the same, and their service life differs. If you choose a more budget grill, they are likely made of cheaper materials. Cheaper materials mean faster wear and tear. So, before you buy a grill, knowing what materials are best for your future BBQ grill is worth knowing.
  • Intensity of Use. The next equally important factor that can lead to a broken barbecue grill is how often you use it. Logically, you can understand that if you use the grill daily, it is more likely to break down faster. It is a factor that you cannot influence in any way. No matter how expensive a grill you buy, if you use it a lot, it will break much faster than your neighbors (who use it once a month). 
  • Operating Conditions. We also want to mention the weather conditions your grill is in. For example, how long do outdoor grills last? Difficult question, right? San Diego is a reasonably warm city. However, it is located near the ocean, so winds and humidity can occur. Wind and high humidity can accelerate the process of corrosion and wear and tear. Accordingly, it is essential to properly maintain your grill to keep it happy for as long as possible. 
  • Proper Care and Maintenance. One last and equally important step to how long grills last is maintenance. Buying a grill isn’t a forever story. And when it’s constantly in use, it will show signs of wear and tear. To avoid having to buy a new grill all the time, you just need to take proper care of your old one. If there are any problems with certain parts, it is better to replace them. After seasonal use, it is better to get professional maintenance. Professional maintenance can extend the life of your grill by knowing what needs to be cleaned, replaced, and repaired.

Trust us; paying attention to just four items will keep your BBQ grill great for as long as possible. That means you and your loved ones will enjoy your grill even longer.

The Economics of BBQ Grill Restoration

When choosing between repairing or buying a new grill, we recommend weighing the pros and cons. You shouldn’t make a decision quickly; it may even be worth talking to a professional in some situations. Remember, you can always decide to buy a new grill. But saving money and repairing your old one may take work. 

To begin with, you may think it will be cheaper to repair your grill. However, it all depends on what exactly you need to fix. For example, it’s very simple if you need a barbeque starter repair. You choose the repair and get a perfectly repaired grill quickly and inexpensively. However, if the damage is extensive or your grill is already quite old, you should buy a new one. 

BBQ grill restoration and repair can save you quite a bit of money. It is, of course, provided that you do not repair every part of your grill. But remember, grills don’t get any younger. Over time, you will have to repair other parts, and maintenance costs will increase. If we talk about buying a new model – of course it will be more expensive. But let’s consider how the new model will allow you to get newer features and technologies. Plus, almost all new BBQ grills will come with a warranty. It means you can have peace of mind for a few years knowing that a warranty protects your grill. 

We recommend weighing the costs and benefits. Remember, if your grill has some minor malfunction, like a broken barbeque starter, then repairing it will be the best and least expensive option. But if your grill is on its last legs or you are hungry for new features, we recommend you invest in buying a new one. 

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Grill

Elegant BBQ Grill on Patio

Imagine you have a question about how long outdoor grills last. You want to know the exact answer, but no one can tell you. That’s because it’s more complex. Outdoor grills are much more prone to problems, so they need to be replaced more often. Sometimes, a grill cannot be repaired. That’s it; the only option is to buy a new grill. But when you’re so used to your old grill, you don’t want to change it. And without realizing it, you may not even notice the signs that it’s time to take it to the dump. Fortunately, we know the red flags that should prompt you to say goodbye to your old grill:

  • Structural Damage. This damage is the first reason it’s worth getting a new grill. It is structural damage that is very difficult to replace. It can be rust or corrosion, but replacing it with a new grill is easier if we are talking about a large degree of damage. 
  • Safety Issues. Safety should always come first. And when you are totally unsure about the safety of your old grill, that’s a huge red flag about replacing it. Remember, safety doesn’t cost any money. Therefore, we recommend replacing the grill in this case. 
  • Frequent Breakdowns. Consider getting a new grill when you have private breakdowns and constantly do BBQ grill restoration. When something breaks down frequently, just think about how much you spend fixing it. Let’s compare it to old shoes: You can keep gluing the soles that come off or splurge once on a new shoe. So maybe it’s worth it to splurge once on a new grill?

Grill repair is a good option, but in some situations, buying a new grill will be appropriate. Remember that when you invest in something new, you also get newer tech. So, with a new grill, you will enjoy new features, proper safety, and reliability.

Making the Decision: Repair or Replace?

Sooner or later, you will still have to decide whether to repair or completely replace your grill. Consider the long-term: Is the grill worth the expense, and will it not break down again in the next few years? 

If you have to make repairs again in a year, then the best decision is to buy a new one. You should consult a professional to know exactly what is best to do. San Diego BBQ Company specializes in grill maintenance and repair. So, if you’re ready to hear a professional opinion, we’d love to hear from you. Make your decision soon and get the best option for your needs and budget.

Blake McDonald
Blake McDonald

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Blake is a true grill guru. Known as a walking encyclopedia of grills, Blake’s deep knowledge and hands-on expertise ensure every grill he touches operates flawlessly, bringing BBQ dreams to life.