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Daniel Kaser, co-founder and owner of San Diego BBQ, sat in his San Marcos office reflecting on what was a wonderful 2018. From a business perspective, his BBQ cleaning and repair company’s clientele was growing, and customer satisfaction had never been higher. He also had a wonderful team of individuals working alongside him and their pride in workmanship had helped to elevate their service quality to new heights. On a personal level, Kaser is blessed with a growing, happy and healthy family and feels very fortunate.

Giving Back to the Community

Kaser believes that, with these blessings, comes a moral duty to use what successes he has had to help others – a sentiment very much rooted in his personal values and principles.

“The opportunity to improve the lives of others is, to me, a privilege, and one that comes with its own sense of obligation. Acting on this helps to ensure I am living in a way that is true to my own ethical beliefs,” says Kaser.

So, Kaser and the SDBBQ team wasted no time in exploring potential charities. “First and foremost, we wanted to help local children in need; that was our chief priority. We also didn’t want any of the donated funds to be allocated towards salaries or any other internal manpower costs – we were interested in efficiency and wanted to ensure most of our charitable efforts go directly to the cause.” Kaser explained.

From there, it was simple. They knew they found the right match in the Marine Toys for Tots Program as more than 97% of donations go directly into providing gifts, toys, and books straight into the hands of less fortunate children.

Managed by United States Marines and local volunteers, the Marine Toys for Tots Program helps millions of children nationwide by collecting new, unwrapped toys and distributing them to less fortunate children during the holiday season.

A Record Toy Turnout to Remember

San Diego BBQ experienced a record toy turnout this season with charitable donations such as Lego sets, many dolls, and even a bike! Kaser believes the success of the toy drive is partially attributed to the rather innovative and streamlined donation process – by providing free pick-up of any contributions and empowering donors with the option to dispatch orders directly from to the SD BBQ showroom in San Marcos. The SD BBQ team further incentivized the campaign with a raffle giveaway – a Primo Ceramic grill that was presented to one lucky donor.

 “With a partnership between San Diego BBQ and Toys for Tots, we were not only able to help children maintain their belief in the magic of Christmas but also lift the spirits of local families during the holiday season,” says Kaser.

About the Marine Toys for Tots Program

The Marine Toys for Tots Program has been delivering a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters since 1947. Share with us and others how the Marine Toys for Tots Program has delivered Christmas to you and others in your community, so we can help even more children this Christmas.

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