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Best Grilling Accessories to Complete Your Assemble

Create the perfect meal with the master set of accessories within reach

If you are looking to add-on and create a masterful area for your barbecue, consider some affordable accessories.

Here are a few key items worth considering when purchasing some new accessories.


Say farewell to the pointy metal forks and prongs. Long grilling tongs are a much better tool because they don’t puncture meat.  Use grill tongs to toss ingredients in marinades,  transfer items from platter to grill, flip food, and serve with ease. Though you may not have thought of tongs as a grill cleaning tool, they are the perfect item to wipe down a still-hot grill without getting burned: Just wad up some foil and pinch with the tongs.

A thermometer

Nobody wants to serve under cooked or over cooked meat.  Instant-read thermometers are ideal because they offer an accurate reading quickly—when you use it correctly.  It’s often an overlooked item but is key to serving the perfect meats.


Don’t be afraid to dive in yet protect yourself at the same time.  This grill tool is versatile: Bring the gloves inside when grilling season is over and use them while baking and cooking.  Gloves are useful when turning over hot items like corn on the cob and large pieces of meat.  Grilling experts often recommend silicone gloves, however pick gloves that suite your needs best.

Baking Stone

Try baking a homemade bread or even pizza with your grill.  It sits atop your grilling surface and heats up to 1,450F and spreads heat evenly from edge to edge more evenly than a metal pan might.  If you love to grill, this is another way to master the art.

Try a Grill Basket

A grill basket is a great way to grill your fruit, and smaller pieces of meat.  There are small holes in a tray that allows smoke to penetrate.  Unlike skewers, you don’t have to thread the food though, making the grill basket an easier and low maintenance way to cook your food!

If you are looking for more suggestions on the perfect accessory, contact San Diego BBQ today.  We are happy to help create the perfect area for your BBQ.

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