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Impress your friends with the best BBQ using these tips

The weather is getting warmer and it will soon be time to host an epic barbecue. 

There’s no better way to entertain in the summer months than a casual get-together involving friends, burgers, and picturesque sunsets. Make your backyard barbecue party one to remember with these tips.

Make a list first

Plan your event accordingly.  Make a list of all of the items you’ll need, including options for vegetarians and other possible dietary restrictions.  Will you need to stock-up on extra items that you ordinarily have in your pantry or fridge?  It’s never fun to run out of a critical item at a BBQ. 

Make sure to have the appropriate condiments and tableware

Dress your table with the appropriate decorations.  Dress it up or down, either way don’t leave your guests looking for a plate or napkin.  The same goes for the condiments, make sure your guests have everything needed to dress the perfect hot dog or burger.

Make sure you keep safety in mind

It’s best to be prepared for an emergency.  This safeguards your guests, family, and home. Keep a first aid kit handy, fire extinguisher, sunscreen, and bug spray or candles.  Everyone will be happy and healthy in the long run.  Here’s an excellent list of safety tips for grilling this summer. 

Grilling on a budget

For a list of some of the best grilling tips and recommendations, check out this article. If you are looking for an extra healthy way of grilling out this summer, there are plenty of ideas here and here. If you’re looking to save money and funds are really tight, check out this article.

Restoration, cleaning, and repair

Check to make sure
 your grill is in tip top shape before you fire it up.  San Diego BBQ will clean and repair your grill.  Click here if you would like to check out our prices for a full service cleaning or light cleaning.  You can also book an appointment online.  Plus, we offer a full restoration service.  There’s no need to buy an entirely new grill, when your old one can be restored.  Contact San Diego BBQ by clicking here or calling 858-346-7922.

Inside view of a clean BBQ grill and burners.

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Inside view of a clean BBQ grill and burners.

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