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What's the difference between propane and natural gas grills?

Making the right choice when picking a grill

There are 2 types of gas grills: natural gas and propane.  Although they have their similarities, they are not the same.  When choosing one over the other, it’s important to know the difference. 

Here we will highlight the differences so you can make an educated choice next time you visit San Diego BBQ.

Obviously a propane grill uses propane gas, which can be quite efficient considering it heats up rather quickly, so you are ready to cook pretty fast.  However, if you run out of gas, you’ll need to run to a supermarket or convenience store to pick up another tank.  So on one hand there is no set-up required but on another hand if you run out of gas, you’ll need to run to the store.

A propane grill is easy to clean compared to a charcoal one as well.  Plus propane gas tanks provide a serious amount of power.   It burns hotter, so some say it provides a more authentic grill taste. 

If you are considering a natural gas grill, you’ll need a natural gas installation in your home.  Natural gas grills are considered cheaper in the longer run but will have a heftier price tag in the beginning.  Look for a kit that makes installing a natural gas grill a little easier to set-up. 

Propane and natural gas grills are both considered environmentally friendly, although it’s debatable.

If you have more questions about which grill is right for you, contact the experts at the San Diego BBQ today. 

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